11.23.19 - 01.04.20


Andrea Abonyi, Karen Bagnard, Brian Biery, Mariko Bird, Glenn Boyes, Susan Braig, Evan Chambers, Chuka Susan Chesney, Andy Daley, Richard Davies, Ellen Dinerman, Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke, Rick Drobner, Lore Eckelberry, Martin Ehrlich, Michael Falzone, Pepi Feinblatt, Karen M. Holgerson, Lisa Houpt, Brenda Hurst, Eve Kessler, Rajiv Khilnani, Leah Knecht, Sonali Kolhatkar, Dale Lacasella, Jimmy Lee, Patricia Lee, Bryan Mahoney, Paul Martinez, George Paul Miller, Pete Morris, Heather Morrow, Miguel Pichardo, Victor Picou, Rhonda Raulston, Kruti Shah, Susan Shean, Penny Stewart, Debbie Swanson Patrick, Kathleen Swaydan, Sukimoonpie, Theodore Svenningsen, Cynthia Thiel, Elaine Tietjen, Suzanne Urquiza, Tsvetelina Valkov, Jo Varney, Shaney Watters, Joan Whitmore, and Caroline Zorthian.


09.06.19 - 10.12.19

Andrea Abonyi, Nancy Armitage, Carolyn Ash, Greg Benge, Sara Benowitz, Brian Biery, Jolie Bradley, Linda Brooks, Elizabeth Butterfield, Peggy Carroll, Brent Claridge, Madeline Cox, Andy Daley, Helena Davies, Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke, Rick Drobner, Nina Ehlig, Michael Falzone, Pepi Feinblatt, Ashley Guyot, Celeste Healion, Carl Heinz, Lynn Heinz, Laura Henneforth, Karen M Holgerson, Brenda Hurst, Leah Knecht, Sonali Kolhatkar, Dale LaCasella, Martin Lewis, Gina M., Brian Mahoney, Mother Mala, Janet Manalo, Brian Mark, Paul Martinez, Linda Marquez, Ben McGinty, John Meyer, Suki MoonPie, Pete Morris, Susan Morris, Heather Morrow, Jeremy Novy, Miguel Pichardo, Lynda Pyka, Irma Rengur, Tepi Rosen Bertucci, Jaye Joslin Russell, Kruti Shah, Ivo Sobieski, Penny Stewart, Debbi Swanson Patrick, Cynthia Thiel, Erick Thorpe, Lydia Thorpe, Marco Vinicio Ayora Garcia, Matthew Willey, Martha Wilson, and Patricia Woodlin.


05.03.2019 - 06.28.19

Andrea Abonyi, Carolyn Ash,

Christian Boehr, John Brosio,

Elaine Carhartt, Ashoka Chhabra,

Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke, Nina Ehlig,

Anita Finnegan, Steve Firchow,

Chris Gonzales-Aden, Lynn Heinz,

Lisa Houpt, Brenda Hurst, Marvin Jackson, Eve Kessler, John Killen, Gina M.,

Melanie Mahoney, Amelia Medina, Suzanne Mitus-Uribe,

Sabine Meyer zu Reckendorf,

Curtis Mikolyski, Violeta Moreno,

Julie Negron, Ngene, Lillian Pentecost, Miguel Pichardo, Victor Picou,

Rhonda Raulston, Megan Sanchez,

Kruti Shah, Penny Stewart, Cynthia Thiel, Martha Wilson, Patricia Woodlin,

Vivian Woolfson, Sean Yang,

and Scott Young.


11.02.18 - 1.05.19

Featured Artists:

Kären Bagnard, Mitch Braiman, A.J. Catalano, Madeline Cox, Liz Crimzon, Kate Cunningham, Valerie Daval, Scott Dickinson, Darién Donner, Carl Heinz, Karen Hochman Brown, Takuya Ichinose, Jimmy Lee, Art Lemus, Martin Lewis, Stephen Linsley, Bruce Litz, Paul Martinez, Corrie Marzalli, Jill Morrison, Leslie Plunkett, S. Lee Robinson, Noel Roque, Tepi Rosen, Robert Swan, Erick Thorpe, Kim Totten, Yipsy, Atsuko Yoo, and Julia Zorthian.

The Night Before



08.03.2018 - 09.28.2018

Show featuring :

 Kate Alkarni, Paul August BruinsSlot, Judith Bowman, Susan Braig, Elizabeth Butterfield, Ashoka Chhabra, Melanie Maria Ciccone, Patricia Cunliffe, Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke, Linley Eathorne, Joe Feinblatt, Pepi Feinblatt, Johnny Fox, Michael Haasis, Deb Halberstadt, Rod Holcomb, Lisa Houpt , Cammie Jones, Ildiko Laszlo, Alix McKenna, Amelia Medina, Chris Moore, Robert Moore, Gifford Myers, Steve Ohlrich, Lynne Olson, Paz, Jocelyn Pedersen, Megan Sanchez, Christie Shinn, Debbi Swanson Patrick, Pat Tom, Denise Villagran, Patricia Woodlin, Sean Yang, and Jirayr Zorthian

Anatomy of a

Group Show



05.02.2018 - 06.30.2018

Participating  Artists: April Antuna, Nancy Armitage, Annie de Bijl, Kris Blaze and Matt Foote, Jane Brackman, Kate Carvellas, Evan Chambers, Andrew Daley, Richard Davies, Rick Davis, Ellen Dinerman, Nina Ehlig, Don Faxon,

Anita Finnegan, Christopher Gonzales-Aden, Agnes Gottschewski, Lynn Heinz, Brenda Hurst, Eve Kessler, Leah Knecht, Sonali Kolhatkar, Dale Lacasella, Sylvana Lankshear, Gina M., Bryan Mahoney, Susannah Mills, Heather Morrow, Sarah Newberry, Parviz Payghamy, Lillian Pentecost, Miguel Pichardo, Lynda Pyka, Erica Rawlings, Solana Rose-Feldthouse, Jaye Russell, Laura Saldarriaga, Amanda Sargenti, Margaret Schermerhorn, Willis Stork, Kathleen Swaydan, Matt-Dell Tufenkian, Jo Varney, and Tom Willard.

Locals Only Catalogue of Artists


Richard Davies
12.01.2017 - 02.03.2018

Retrospective show celebrating the life of JPL scientist and painter Richard W. Davies. 


Kate Carvellas
05.05.2017 - 06.30.2017 

Eight years ago Kate showed for the first time with Gallery at the End of the World. Since, then the gallery has moved and Kate has explored and expanded into new media's. This incredible journey through the greater Los Angeles's art community has seasoned Kate and her senses. The result? An exceptionally talented mult- faceted artist who truly creates from the emotional tie art has on the subconscious mind. Her art follows true to her growth. What I consider, true to Jean Dubuffet's description of "Art Brut" (The raw expression of a vision or emotions, untramelled by convention).


Cammie Jones
06.03.2016 - 

Images of the city photographed and painted by Jones. "L.A. embraces me. We are the megalopolis, vast and alive. The street creates the art. I frame beauty where I find it to be."


Richard Davies
12.04.2015 - 01.09.2016

A vital part of Altadena culture, Richard Davies has lived in Altadena since the early 1950s. His paintings obsessively depict swirling galaxies in pointillist style, expressing both a macro and a micro perspective. Davies has a truly unique artistic voice, influenced by his lifelong friendships with the likes of Richard Feynman and Jirayr Zorthian, and informed by his career at JPL and Cal Tech. His Work embodies a groovy confluence of science and art, seen in explosive and delicate details, far-out playfulness with scale and intense colors. He is delightfully addressing the nature of existence. This was the largest single-showing of Davies’ artworks and his first solo show. 


12.06.2014 - 02.07.2015

A gathering of assemblers. Featuring Kate Carvellas, Brian Dario, Helena Davies, Carl Heinz, Jeffrey Kibbe, Dave Lovejoy, Ben Mcginty, Shelley Omatic, Jaime Sabatte, and Simeon Slovacek.

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869 E. Mariposa Street

Altadena, CA 91001

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